The EU's New Data Protection Law - a Survival Guide

Friday, 1 September, 2017 - 09:0012:00

Simon McGarr, Data Compliance Europe, and John Looney, Intercom


What data do you hold?
Are you processing the data, or controlling it?
Do you have the consents to use that data like that?
Do you have a register of all that data and every way you use it, and what for?
Can you find every piece of data you hold that relates to an individual, copy it and send it to them—for free—within 30 days?
What happens when they say they want it erased?

The General Data Protection Directive comes into force on the 25th May 2018. New powers mean regulators can impose fines for breaches up to 4% of annual turnover. This workshop is for anyone trying to make sure that their organisation isn't in breach by the implementation date.

GDPR isn't just a compliance project. It's a business culture change project. Let's struggle our way through together.

Simon McGarr, Data Compliance Europe

Simon McGarr is recognised as one of Ireland’s leading experts in Data Protection. A practising solicitor, he has lectured in the Law Society and regularly appears on national TV and radio and in the press discussing data issues. He has been involved in most of the landmark cases developing Data Protection law in the EU and focuses much of his work on helping organisations to understand their data protection law needs.

John Looney, Intercom

John Looney did 24x7 support for a webhosting company, spent nearly 12 years in Google as an SRE (compute, storage, datacenters and Ads) as well as running team-build courses. He is now applying SRE to Intercom's infrastructure. He is passionate about ensuring that engineers know the best use of their time and energy, but still hasn't worked out how to not burn himself out occasionally.

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