Feedback Loops: How SREs Benefit and What Is Needed to Realize Their Potential

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 - 11:25am11:50am

Pooja Tangi, LinkedIn


The problem:
Almost every SRE has felt the pain of using an ineffective tool or a top-down initiative requiring mass adoption of a beta product, however very few of these pain points are actually brought to the attention of upper management and are resolved in a timely manner. What is missing? A feedback loop, perhaps, or a systematic bottom-up approach for surfacing the problem areas? 

The solution: 
As a Technical Program Manager and a former SRE, I have questioned the validity of a proposed value of a given platform. Over a few different initiatives, I have realized that inserting bottom-up communication techniques and cross-team collaboration transforms discontent and toxic communication into supportive engagement that facilitates development of a better product that the SREs appreciate and are excited about onboarding. 

I am not talking about a magical tool that will fix all of the issues above but small process tweaks which a project lead or a program manager could easily adapt and help for the betterment of the organization.

Pooja Tangi, LinkedIn

In my previous role I worked as an SRE for 5 years. All SRE related issues are very close to my heart and in my current role as a Technical Program Manager at LinkedIn I can easily relate to them and strive to resolve them to make the SRE organization a better place.

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