A Million Containers Isn't Cool

Monday, March 13, 2017 - 11:55am12:50pm

Chris Sinjakli, SRE at GoCardless


You know what's cool? A hundred containers.

A lot of us ship software multiple times a day—but what goes into that, and how do we make it happen reliably? 

In this talk, we'll look at the deployment of a typical web app/API. We'll focus on build artifacts - the things we actually ship to production - and why it's helpful to make their build and deployment processes consistent. 

From there, we'll move on to containers—Docker in particular—with with a focus on container images and how they can get us to that goal. 

We'll deliberately sidestep the world of distributed schedulers—Mesos, Kubernetes, and friends. They're great tools when you need to manage a growing fleet of computers, but running them doesn't come without an operational cost. 

By following the example of a production system that's built this way—containerised apps without a distributed scheduler—we'll explore what it takes to move apps into containers, and how doing so might shape your infrastructure. 

To wrap up, we'll look at some alternatives that could serve you well if Docker isn't the right fit for your organisation.

Chris Sinjakli, SRE at GoCardless

Chris enjoys all the weird bits of computing that fall between building software users love and running distributed systems reliably.

All his programs are made from organic, hand-picked, artisanal keypresses.

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