I’m an SRE Lead! Now What? How to Bootstrap and Organize Your SRE Team

Monday, March 13, 2017 - 1:50pm2:45pm

Ritchie Schacher, SRE Architect, IBM Bluemix DevOps Services, and Rob Orr, IBM


So, your organization has decided to build an SRE team, and you are one of the leaders. You have multiple stakeholders with different expectations and agendas. Your executive team expects early and immediate results. They want checklists, goals, and roadmaps, and they want it now. Peer dev managers may believe that you now have a magic wand that will make their headaches disappear, or worse, may believe that they can offload all the dev team’s dirty work to you. 

Are you overwhelmed, and wondering how to get started? How will you organize? How will you manage expectations? What management style should you use? How will you define and measure success? 

In this session, we will cover a phased approach to organize your SRE team based on our real-world experience operating our cloud-based SaaS DevOps toolset. We will also cover some of our lessons learned and pitfalls for you to avoid to help you on your SRE journey.

Ritchie Schacher, SRE Architect, IBM Bluemix DevOps Services

Ritchie Schacher is a Senior Technical Staff Member with IBM® Bluemix® DevOps Services, and lead architect for SRE. He has a background in developer tools and team collaboration. He has broad experience in all aspects of the software development lifecycle, including product conception, planning and managing, design, coding, testing, deploying, hosting, releasing, and supporting products. For the last 3 years he has been a part of an exciting team developing and supporting cloud-based SaaS offerings for Bluemix®. In his spare time, Ritchie enjoys playing classical guitar.

Rob Orr, IBM

Rob Orr is a Program Director at IBM Cloud and leads the SRE team responsible for Bluemix DevOps Services. His current projects include Automation tooling, Developing SLI’s, and coming up with new ways to make SRE the cool team. Previous to this role, Rob was a Sr. Development Manager on IBM Cloud automation products. In his spare time, Rob enjoys Photography and Scotch.

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