BPerf—Bing.com Cloud Profiling on Production

Monday, March 13, 2017 - 2:50pm3:15pm

Mukul Sabharwal, Microsoft


BPerf is Bing.com's Production Profiler system. It is built on top of Event Tracing for Windows, a low-overhead logging facility that is able to collect events from the operating system and other participating components like Microsoft's Common Language Runtime (.NET).

BPerf is able to visualize this low-level data, associate it with a search query and present this performance analysis investigation with source code right there for the SRE to analyze.

The talk will cover architecture details of our production profiling system, present the data collection and storage challenges that are need to operate at Bing-scale and conduct an investigation with a demo of the real system in action.

We'll also touch up on writing high-performance latency sensitive managed code (focusing on .NET) and why a production profiling system in an important tool in the SRE toolkit that is a perfect complement to the the high-level monitoring tools that are a staple in the SRE world.

Mukul Sabharwal, Microsoft

Mukul Sabharwal is a Principal Technical Lead at Microsoft working on the Bing.com Frontend. Responsible for the overall server performance and system health he is a key member of the frontline SRE team and performance architect for many low-level telemetry systems including BPerf. An expert in .NET internals and key contributor of the open source .NET CoreCLR project.

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