Spotify's Love-Hate Relationship with DNS

Monday, March 13, 2017 - 11:25am11:50am

Lynn Root, Spotify


Spotify has a history of loving "boring" technologies, with DNS being one of them. DNS deployments use to be manual and hand-edited in a subversion repo. To make sure there were no surprises, you had to yell "DNS DEPLOY" in the #sre channel on IRC before pushing the button. Now with proper automation and far fewer hands editing records, we've seen just how far we can push DNS. With DNS, we got a stable query interface, free caching, and service discovery. And just how often it _is_ the root of a problem. This talk will walk through Spotify's "coming of age" story, of how we pushed DNS to its limits, and all the weird intricacies we discovered along the way.

Lynn Root, Spotify

Based in NYC, Lynn Root is an insomniac Site Reliability Engineer & the FOSS evangelist for Spotify. She is also a global leader of PyLadies, an international mentorship group for women and friends in the Python community, and the founder & former leader of the San Francisco PyLadies. When her hands are not on a keyboard, they are usually holding a pair of knitting needles.

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