Every Day Is Monday in Operations

Benjamin Purgason, LinkedIn


When I first joined LinkedIn the SRE landscape looked like the wild West: no rules, few laws, and everyone had their own way of doing things. The SRE team was a scrappy band of firefighters working around the clock just to keep the operational fires in check.

As we began to mature we came to resemble something you might find in the “DevOps” movement. We began influencing the lifecycle of applications, upleveling the LinkedIn stack, and reducing the need for the firefighters of yesteryear. Over time we grew into the modern SRE team at LinkedIn.

I am here to share my experiences, challenges, and learnings collected over the course of my tenure as a Site Reliability leader. I will cover ten axioms, fundamental patterns which offer an effective strategy for dealing with the pair of incredible demands placed on modern SREs: the need for uptime and to participate in an accelerating software development cycle.

Join me as I share my war stories—how things went right, how things went very wrong, and the role of the axioms throughout it all.

Benjamin Purgason, LinkedIn

Ben is a Senior Manager of Site Reliability at LinkedIn. He leads the Tools SRE team, responsible for the operational integrity of internal tooling. He specializes in developing the next generation of leadership, continuing to improve the culture, and increasing the scope of SRE contributions across the company.

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