From Engineering Operations to Site Reliability Engineering

Monday, March 13, 2017 - 1:50pm2:45pm

Nathan Mische, Comcast


Over the past three years my team has transformed from an operations team composed of System Administrators who ran services developed by other teams or vendors into a DevOps team composed of SREs who work closely with other engineering teams to create exceptional entertainment and online experiences. This presentation will share some of the strategies that helped make this transition a success, including having a strong vision for the team, fostering management and HR support, strategic performance management, a refined interview processes, internal and external networking, playing “Moneyball”, and using internal programs to grow the team.

Nathan Mische, Mische

Nathan Mische leads an SRE team at Comcast where he helps software engineering teams transition from bare metal and VMware data centers to various PaaS and IaaS cloud offerings. The team operates several shared services to enable the cloud transition, from service discovery to a time series monitoring and alerting platform. The team also develops tools and processes that allow teams to take over routine operational duties for their services.

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