Don't Call Me Remote! Building and Managing Distributed Teams

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 - 3:20pm3:45pm

Tony Lyon, Production Engineering Manager, Facebook


This talk discusses the challenges and best practices for managing globally distributed teams. How to recruit and develop teams in remote locations, the investment needed for successful distance management, and extending company culture while building local culture will be discussed, focusing on communication, inclusion, and adaptation. Based on experience with managing teams distributed across EMEA and across North and South America, we'll talk about communication strategies, keeping remote career growth on a level playing field with HQ, and when to respond with yes, repeat, no.

Tony Lyon, Production Engineering Manager, Facebook

A 25-year industry veteran, Tony Lyon is a Production Engineering manager at Facebook Seattle and currently supports multiple PE teams there. Tony was the first Production Engineering manager in place in Seattle, where a big part of the role was to build out the PE teams and provide management support to a broad swath of PE teams as Seattle grew. Tony’s in the process of transitioning to being the first PE manager for Facebook in the NYC office, as we establish a Production Engineering presence there in support of our broader engineering team’s growth in New York.

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