Building Real Time Infrastructure at Facebook

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 - 11:25am11:50am

Jeff Barber and Shie Erlich, Facebook


Real Time Infrastructure is a set of systems within Facebook that enables real time experiences on Facebook products, such as sending payloads to/from devices, real-time presence, push notifications, real-time delivery of comments and likes on News Feed, comments and reactions on Live (video) and many more across Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. With more than 1B daily users on Facebook, Real Time Infrastructure is a very large scale affair – on the surface, these features seem to “just work,” while on the backend this is a complex system that we designed to work at scale that makes it run smoothly. This talk will focus on architecture, and how we design our systems at scale for low latency while reducing the risk of failure, and making it easier to recover when failure does occur.

Jeff Barber, Facebook

Jeff was writing code before Al Gore invented the Internet. Starting in college with building game engines for no games, his passion led him directly into infrastructure. After starting a company, doing a tour of duty at Amazon working on S3, Jeff landed a sweet gig at Facebook working on Real-time Infrastructure.

Shie Erlich, Facebook

Shie is an Engineering Leader for Facebook’s Real Time Infrastructure, which powers many large-scale real time experiences across Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. Previously Shie led engineering teams in Amazon’s S3 and Microsoft’s Windows Azure and has shipped software across the stack from cloud services and large scale distributed systems, through web development to RT/embedded systems.

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