Making the Most of Your SRE Toolbox: Bootstrapping Your SRE Team through Reuse

Monday, March 13, 2017 - 3:50pm4:45pm

Mark Duquette, IBM DevOps Services SRE, and Tom Schmidt, IBM


You've spent the last year building tools and infrastructure to enable Continuous Delivery practices. Your next challenge; apply what you’ve learned building out a Common Infrastructure environment to jumpstart your new SRE organization.

Some of the same concepts that went into developing a comprehensive delivery pipeline can be used for SRE activities. 

In this session, we will discuss how to re-purpose existing tools, dashboards and frameworks so that they can be used to enable 
SRE tasks. 

We will explore these topics using real-world experiences as we worked to build out an effective SRE organization.

Mark Duquette, IBM DevOps Services SRE

Mark Duquette currently works as a Site Reliability Engineer supporting IBM DevOps services where he is responsible for the monitoring and metrics infrastructure. Mark's expertise and knowledge of designing reusable automation has been used to facilitate teams as they explore SRE as well as embrace DevOps practices.

Tom Schmidt, IBM

Tom Schmidt currently works as a Site Reliability Engineer in support of DevOps Services at the IBM Canada Lab in Markham, Ontario, Canada. With a diverse background developing common infrastructure and test frameworks, and a passion for automation, Tom has transformed IBM Cloud development organization's perspective on security. Tom leverages recent real world experience applying SRE concepts to develop security and compliance solutions within a Continuous Delivery offering.

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