How Do Your Packets Flow?

Monday, March 13, 2017 - 10:55am11:20am

Leslie Carr, Clover Health


As more of us move to the "cloud" we lose sight of how packets flow from our application to the end user. This is an introduction to how your network traffic flows. 

I come from a network engineering background. Talking with many SRE/Devops folks, I've realized that many don't actually understand how network traffic flows. This will be a 20 minute introduction to network traffic - concepts like peering and transit will be introduced, as well as DWDM and awesome cable maps. This will also introduce some of the monetary concepts in traffic - so that people have a better understanding of large fights between providers - like the Netflix/Comcast fight of a few years back.

Leslie Carr, Clover Health

Leslie Carr is a Devops Engineer at Clover Health and a Board Member of SFMIX.

In her past life, Leslie most recently worked at Cumulus Networks in devops, helping to push automation in the network world. Prior to that, she was on the production side of the world at many large websites, such as Google, Craigslist, and Wikimedia.

Leslie is a lover and user of open source and automation. She dreams of robots taking over all of our jobs one day.

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