How to Work with Technical Writers

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 - 1:50pm2:45pm

Diane Bates, Google


Whether you’re building an external product or a tool to make life easier for your internal engineers, your users deserve excellent documentation to ramp up quickly. Part of creating a great customer experience is providing documentation that’s easy to use and answers your customer’s questions before they even know what their questions are. The goal of the engineer/TW relationship is to polish a project before releasing it to customers. 

This talk describes: 

  • What a TW does 
  • How to work with a TW to scope a project 
  • Expectations for resources and engineering hours 
  • General guidelines for how to work with a TW

Diane Bates, Google

I'm a tech writer on the Google SRE Tech Writing team. I've been on the team for two years and contributed to the SRE book. I've been a tech writer for 22 years, working for Microsoft, Cray, Inc., and Real Networks, and contracting at several other companies, including Motorola, Seattle Avionics, Boeing, Microscan, and GTE. Before that, I was on staff at the University of Washington Quantitative Science Dept for 2 years. I was an electronics technician on F-16 radar in the Air Force Reserves for 9 years.

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