Java Hates Linux. Deal with It.

Monday, March 13, 2017 - 11:55am12:50pm

Greg Banks, LinkedIn


At LinkedIn we run lots of Java services on Linux boxes. Java and Linux are a perfect pair. Except when they're not; then there's fireworks. This talk describes 5 situations we encountered where Java interacted with normal Linux behavior to create stunningly sub-optimal application behavior like minutes-long GC pauses. We'll deep dive to show What Java Got Wrong, why Linux behaves the way it does, and how the two can conspire to ruin your day. Finally we'll examine actual code samples showing how we fixed or hid the problems.

Greg Banks, LinkedIn

Greg spent twenty three years as a professional C/C++ developer working on projects as diverse as airspace simulation and the Linux kernel. One highlight of his career was shutting down his then employers' entire company for 72 hours with a single misplaced comma...which triggered a chain of five pre-existing cascading error conditions. As penance for sins such as these, he is now on the receiving end as a Data SRE for LinkedIn. He lives in San Francisco and spends his spare time being surprised to have any spare time.

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