SOUPS Impact Award

The SOUPS Impact Award was instituted in 2014, on the 10-year anniversary of SOUPS. It is to be presented every third year to the authors of a SOUPS conference paper that has had a significant impact on usable security and privacy research and practice. The winner of the award is announced at the SOUPS conference.

To be eligible, a paper should have been published no earlier than 5 and no later than 10 years before the year in which the award is presented. For example, for the presentation at SOUPS 2017, the paper should have been published at SOUPS 2007 through SOUPS 2012. The selection committee will focus on a paper's impact as judged by influence in the research community, a community of practice, industry, and/or social impact resulting from the work.

The initial selection pool is drawn from the top most-cited SOUPS papers of the eligibility period, excluding the previous winner. The most highly cited paper need not be the winner because citation counts are not necessarily accurate and because citations are not the sole measure of impact. Instead, the winner will be selected by the Selection Committee after online discussion.

Selection Committee

The Awards Selection Committee shall consist of between 5 and 15 current or former program committee members. Members will be appointed by the selection committee chair(s). To be eligible, a committee member may not be an author or co-author of one of the initial selection pool.

The committee chair shall adjudicate conflicts of interest, appointing substitutes to the committee as necessary.

SOUPS 2017 Impact Award

The following papers formed the initial selection pool for the SOUPS 2017 Impact Award, with their year of SOUPS publication, and the citation count that qualified them. Committee discussion narrowed the selection to a short list of finalists, from which one winner was selected. The finalists and winner will be announced at SOUPS 2017.

  • Anti-Phishing Phil: the design and evaluation of a game that teaches people not to fall for phish, Steve Sheng, Bryant Magnien, Ponnurangam Kumaraguru, Alessandro Acquisti, Lorrie Faith Cranor, Jason Hong, Elizabeth Nung (2007, 304)
  • Reducing shoulder-surfing by using gaze-based password entry, Manu Kumar, Tal Garfinkel, Dan Boneh, Terry Winograd (2007, 271)
  • Personal Knowledge Questions for Fallback Authentication: Security Questions in the Era of Facebook, Rabkin, Ariel (2008, 182)
  • Use Your Illusion: Secure Authentication Usable Anywhere, Hayashi, Eiji and Dhamija, Rachna and Christin, Nicolas and Perrig, Adrian (2008, 125)
  • Improving Text Passwords Through Persuasion, Forget, Alain and Chiasson, Sonia and van Oorschot, P. C. and Biddle, Robert (2008, 114)
  • A "Nutrition Label" for Privacy, Kelley, Patrick Gage and Bresee, Joanna and Cranor, Lorrie Faith and Reeder, Robert W. (2009, 191)
  • Encountering Stronger Password Requirements: User Attitudes and Behaviors, Shay, Richard and Komanduri, Saranga and Kelley, Patrick Gage and Leon, Pedro Giovanni and Mazurek, Michelle L. and Bauer, Lujo and Christin, Nicolas and Cranor, Lorrie Faith (2010, 196)
  • Folk Models of Home Computer Security, Wash, Rick (2010, 160)
  • "I Regretted the Minute I Pressed Share": A Qualitative Study of Regrets on Facebook, Wang, Yang and Norcie, Gregory and Komanduri, Saranga and Acquisti, Alessandro and Leon, Pedro Giovanni and Cranor, Lorrie Faith (2011, 290)
  • Home is Safer Than the Cloud!: Privacy Concerns for Consumer Cloud Storage, Ion, Iulia and Sachdeva, Niharika and Kumaraguru, Ponnurangam and Capkun, Srdjan (2011, 127)
  • Android Permissions: User Attention, Comprehension, and Behavior, Felt, Adrienne Porter and Ha, Elizabeth and Egelman, Serge and Haney, Ariel and Chin, Erika and Wagner, David (2012, 587)
  • Measuring User Confidence in Smartphone Security and Privacy, Chin, Erika and Felt, Adrienne Porter and Sekar, Vyas and Wagner, David (2012, 221)
  • Facebook and Privacy: It's Complicated, Johnson, Maritza and Egelman, Serge and Bellovin, Steven M. (2012, 150)
  • Smart, Useful, Scary, Creepy: Perceptions of Online Behavioral Advertising, Ur, Blase and Leon, Pedro Giovanni and Cranor, Lorrie Faith and Shay, Richard and Wang, Yang (2012, 131)

2017 Impact Award Committee Members

Bill Cheswick
Alex De Luca
Simson Garfinkel (chair)
Heather Lipford
Mary Ellen Zurko