Tracing and Analyzing Web Access Paths Based on User-Side Data Collection: How Do Users Reach Malicious URLs?


Takeshi Takahashi, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology; Christopher Kruegel and Giovanni Vigna, University of California, Santa Barbara; Katsunari Yoshioka, Yokohama National University; Daisuke Inoue, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology


Web access exposes users to various attacks, such as malware infections and social engineering attacks. Despite ongoing efforts by security and browser vendors to protect users, some users continue to access malicious URLs. To provide better protection, we need to know how users reach such URLs. In this work, we collect web access records of users from their using our browser extension. Differing from data collection on the network, user-side data collection enables us to discern users and web browser tabs, facilitating efficient data analysis. Then, we propose a scheme to extract an entire web access path to a malicious URL, called a hazardous path, from the access records. With all the hazardous paths extracted from the access records, we analyze web access activities of users considering initial accesses on the hazardous paths, risk levels of bookmarked URLs, time required to reach malicious URLs, and the number of concurrently active browser tabs when reaching such URLs. In addition, we propose a preemptive domain filtering scheme, which identifies domains leading to malicious URLs, called hazardous domains. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the scheme by identifying hazardous domains that are not included in blacklists.

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