Confine: Automated System Call Policy Generation for Container Attack Surface Reduction


Seyedhamed Ghavamnia and Tapti Palit, Stony Brook University; Azzedine Benameur,; Michalis Polychronakis, Stony Brook University


Reducing the attack surface of the OS kernel is a promising defense-in-depth approach for mitigating the fragile isolation guarantees of container environments. In contrast to hypervisor-based systems, malicious containers can exploit vulnerabilities in the underlying kernel to fully compromise the host and all other containers running on it. Previous container attack surface reduction efforts have relied on dynamic analysis and training using realistic workloads to limit the set of system calls exposed to containers. These approaches, however, do not capture exhaustively all the code that can potentially be needed by future workloads or rare runtime conditions, and are thus not appropriate as a generic solution.

Aiming to provide a practical solution for the protection of arbitrary containers, in this paper we present a generic approach for the automated generation of restrictive system call policies for Docker containers. Our system, named Confine, uses static code analysis to inspect the containerized application and all its dependencies, identify the superset of system calls required for the correct operation of the container, and generate a corresponding Seccomp system call policy that can be readily enforced while loading the container. The results of our experimental evaluation with 150 publicly-available Docker images show that Confine can successfully reduce their attack surface by disabling 145 or more system calls (out of 326) for more than half of the containers, which neutralizes 51 previously disclosed kernel vulnerabilities.

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