Designing a Private Logging Pipeline

Monday, September 11, 2023 - 9:00 am9:15 am

Mekhola Mukherjee and Thomas Vannet, Google


Designing and deploying world-scale logging pipelines on mobile devices while respecting user privacy is a challenging problem. Privacy engineers must find ways to enable critical data collection and at the same time ensure that the data has transparency and control. We will go over core principles and technical measures privacy engineers can use to achieve these goals. We will show how these principles and techniques help with policy enforcement and transparency. In the context of logging, we will discuss client and server-side checks, both static through annotations and at runtime. We will also go through some examples of data minimization, pseudonymization, anonymization and other privacy preserving techniques. This talk is partly motivated by our experience working on logging pipelines on Android at Google.

Mekhola Mukherjee, Google

Mekhola Mukherjee and Thomas Vannet are privacy engineers working on Android at Google. There, they work on privacy infrastructure, logging and policy to support the development of the Android platform, and a number of Google applications. They are passionate about differential privacy, cryptography, and machine learning privacy.

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