Designing the Pilot Release of Israel's National Registry of Live Births: Reconciling Privacy with Accuracy and Usability

Monday, September 11, 2023 - 12:00 pm12:15 pm

Shlomi Hod, Boston University


In July 2023, the Israeli Ministry of Health made a differentially private release of the National Registry of Live Births for the year 2014. The data holds significant value for various stakeholders for multiple purposes, including demographic analysis, scientific research and policy-making. Nonetheless, releasing such data poses a privacy challenge, because medical and governmental data contain sensitive information on birthing people and newborns.

In this talk, we present how we co-designed the data release together with the stakeholders to fulfill four main requirements: (1) affordance of tabular format via synthetic data; (2) data quality concerning statistical analysis; (3) record-level faithfulness between released data and original data; and (4) privacy as a rigorous state-of-the-art guarantee and as stakeholders' expectation.

Ultimately, we will discuss the outlook for co-design approaches for PET-based data releases.

Authors: Shlomi Hod, Ran Canetti

Shlomi Hod, Boston University

Shlomi Hod is a computer science Ph.D. student working on Responsible AI at Boston University, advised by Prof. Ran Canetti. He is interested in designing differentially private data releases, developing interpretability methods for neural networks, and bridging the gap between CS & Law. In the last four years, Shlomi has taught the course "Responsible AI, Law, Ethics and Society" in academia, government and industry. He interned at Twitter, where he leveraged human-in-the-loop techniques to improve toxicity models. In his previous life, Shlomi was a social entrepreneur, and before that, he led a data science and cybersecurity research team.

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