Lyft and the California Consumer Privacy Act

Friday, June 24, 2022 - 11:40 am12:00 pm

Shankar Garikapati and Alejo Sutro, Lyft


Data export, management, and deletion are complex processes with multiple feedback loops. This is exacerbated in a microservices-based environment. In this talk, we will discuss the Lyft data export and erasure architectures and its interactions with our data management systems. The solutions we developed took into account Lyft’s dynamic and fast-paced product and engineering environment. To make this system operationally efficient, our goal was to seamlessly integrate with Legal, Fraud, and Safety. The system also needed to respect user data rights while protecting against fraudulent activities and safety concerns. We’ll share some insights into the hardest technical challenges and surprises we had to overcome.

Shankar Garikapatti, Lyft

Shankar Garikapati is a staff engineer in the Data Privacy team at Lyft. Shankar joined Lyft as a security engineer and got a lucky break into privacy with Lyft having to implement the CCPA mandate. He helped design and build various privacy related systems at Lyft.

Alejo Sutro, Lyft

Alejo Grigera Sutro is a staff privacy analyst on the Data Privacy team at Lyft. He started his privacy journey at Google over 10 years ago, where he managed a team of Privacy Engineers specializing in data collection, storage, and access control. He’s a Certified Information Privacy Professional (US, T) with 4 U.S. patents and 2 publications. He joined Lyft in 2021 to help build the future of privacy in transportation. In his spare time you can find Alejo refurbishing technology for kids in need and teaching courses on financial literacy.

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