Privacy and Respectful Discourse in AI Chatbots

Friday, June 24, 2022 - 4:25 pm4:40 pm

Jayati Dev, Indiana University Bloomington


Chatbots’ ability to engage in fluid and complex discussions creates new challenges in privacy engineering. Starting with a brief overview of general-purpose AI chatbots, we present a case study of information disclosure in such bots by conducting a thematic analysis of 37 conversational logs from a publicly available general-purpose chatbot (Cleverbot). Our work provides developers and privacy researchers with an analysis of chatbot relationship-building that leads to information disclosure topics from our sample. We discuss (i) information disclosure mechanisms around the type of information users are willing to share and (ii) the types of sensitive data that can be gathered in an open-ended conversation. Our findings provide general insights into conversational expectations and disclosures of users, indicating a need for privacy-preserving design in chatbots through improved data handling. We close with recommendations for integrating privacy-preserving AI principles into conversational chatbot design and providing examples of how they can work in practice.

Jayati Dev, Indiana University Bloomington

Jayati Dev is a doctoral candidate in Security Informatics, with a minor in Human-Computer Interaction design at Indiana University Bloomington. Her graduate research experiences in privacy include a fellowship in Google Public Policy; cryptographic protocol implementation on Intel processors at Indian Statistical Institute funded by Microsoft Research, and as a lead doctoral researcher in a National Science Foundation multi-year investigation into privacy in IoT. Her current research focus is human-centered design for enhanced privacy and security in conversational applications and IoT devices, especially for culturally distinct populations.

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