MGG: Accelerating Graph Neural Networks with Fine-Grained Intra-Kernel Communication-Computation Pipelining on Multi-GPU Platforms


Yuke Wang, Boyuan Feng, and Zheng Wang, University of California Santa Barbara; Tong Geng, University of Rochester; Kevin Barker and Ang Li, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Yufei Ding, University of California Santa Barbara


The increasing size of input graphs for graph neural networks (GNNs) highlights the demand for using multi-GPU platforms. However, existing multi-GPU GNN systems optimize the computation and communication individually based on the conventional practice of scaling dense DNNs. For irregularly sparse and fine-grained GNN workloads, such solutions miss the opportunity to jointly schedule/optimize the computation and communication operations for high-performance delivery.

To this end, we propose MGG, a novel system design to accelerate full-graph GNNs on multi-GPU platforms. The core of MGG is its novel fine-grained dynamic software pipeline to facilitate fine-grained computation-communication overlapping within a GPU kernel. Specifically, MGG introduces GNN-tailored pipeline construction and GPU-aware pipeline mapping to facilitate workload balancing and operation overlapping. MGG also incorporates an intelligent runtime design with analytical modeling and optimization heuristics to dynamically improve the GNN execution performance. Extensive evaluation reveals that MGG outperforms state-of-the-art full-graph GNN systems across various settings: on average 4.41×, 4.81×, and 10.83× faster than DGL, MGG-UVM, and ROC frameworks, respectively.

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