SEPH: Scalable, Efficient, and Predictable Hashing on Persistent Memory


Chao Wang, Junliang Hu, Tsun-Yu Yang, Yuhong Liang, and Ming-Chang Yang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


With the merits of high density, non-volatility, and DRAM-scale latency/bandwidth, persistent memory (PM) brings hope to high-performance storage systems, in which hashing-based index structures receive great attention owing to the efficient query performance. Though lots of efforts have been made to rethink the hashing schemes for PM in recent years, nevertheless, based on our investigation, none of them can hit performance scalability, efficiency, and predictability with one stone, seriously limiting their practicality to time-sensitive or latency-critical applications. To this end, this paper presents SEPH, a Scalable, Efficient, and Predictable Hashing for PM. SEPH paves a new direction to build the hash table by introducing the novel Level Segment (LS) structure, a key to breaking the dilemma between efficiency and predictability standing in front of the existing hashing schemes for PM. With the LS-based hash table structure, SEPH further enables a low-overhead split to greatly suppress the resizing-incurred unpredictability, and develops a semi lock-free concurrency control that requires a nearly-minimal amount of writes to handle an item insertion for achieving ever-higher efficiency and scalability while ensuring the correctness and crash consistency. Compared to state-of-the-art hashing schemes, SEPH demonstrates higher efficiency (up to 15.4× higher throughput), better scalability (performance scales up to 48 threads), and more reliable predictability (improving the tail latency by up to 19.3×).

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