ServiceRouter: Hyperscale and Minimal Cost Service Mesh at Meta


Harshit Saokar, Meta; Soteris Demetriou, Meta and Imperial College London; Nick Magerko, Max Kontorovich, Josh Kirstein, and Margot Leibold, Meta; Dimitrios Skarlatos, Meta and Carnegie Mellon University; Hitesh Khandelwal and Chunqiang Tang, Meta


Datacenter applications are often structured as many interconnected microservices, and the service mesh has become a popular approach to route RPC traffic among services. This paper presents Meta's global service mesh, called ServiceRouter (SR), which has been in production since 2012. SR differs from publicly known service meshes in several important ways. First, SR is designed for hyperscale and currently uses millions of L7 routers to route tens of billions of requests per second across tens of thousands of services. Second, while SR adopts the common approach of using sidecar or remote proxies to route 1% of RPC requests in our fleet, it employs a routing library that is directly linked into service executables to route the remaining 99% directly from clients to servers, without the extra hop of going through a proxy. This approach significantly reduces the hardware costs of our hyperscale service mesh, saving hundreds of thousands of machines. Third, SR provides built-in support for sharded services, which account for 68% of RPC requests in our fleet, whereas existing general-purpose service meshes do not support sharded services. Finally, SR introduces the concept of locality rings to simultaneously minimize RPC latency and balance load across geo-distributed datacenter regions, which, to our knowledge, has not been attempted before.

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