Take Out the TraChe: Maximizing (Tra)nsactional Ca(che) Hit Rate


Audrey Cheng, David Chu, Terrance Li, Jason Chan, Natacha Crooks, Joseph M. Hellerstein, and Ion Stoica, UC Berkeley; Xiangyao Yu, University of Wisconsin—Madison


Most caching policies focus on increasing object hit rate to improve overall system performance. However, these algorithms are insufficient for transactions. In this work, we define a new metric, transactional hit rate, to capture when caching reduces latency for transactions. We present DeToX, a caching system that leverages transactional dependencies to make eviction and prefetching decisions. DeToX is able to significantly outperform single-object alternatives on real-world workloads and popular OLTP benchmarks, providing up to a 130% increase in transaction hit rate and 3.4x improvement in cache efficiency.

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