CLP: Efficient and Scalable Search on Compressed Text Logs


Kirk Rodrigues, Yu Luo, and Ding Yuan, University of Toronto and YScope Inc.


This paper presents the design and implementation of CLP, a tool capable of losslessly compressing unstructured text logs while enabling fast searches directly on the compressed data. Log search and log archiving, despite being critical problems, are mutually exclusive. Widely used log-search tools like Elasticsearch and Splunk Enterprise index the logs to provide fast search performance, yet the size of the index is within the same order of magnitude as the raw log size. Commonly used log archival and compression tools like Gzip provide high compression ratio, yet searching archived logs is a slow and painful process as it first requires decompressing the logs. In contrast, CLP achieves significantly higher compression ratio than all commonly used compressors, yet delivers fast search performance that is comparable or even better than Elasticsearch and Splunk Enterprise. In addition, CLP outperforms Elasticsearch and Splunk Enterprise's log ingestion performance by over 13x, and we show CLP scales to petabytes of logs. CLP's gains come from using a tuned, domain-specific compression and search algorithm that exploits the significant amount of repetition in text logs. Hence, CLP enables efficient search and analytics on archived logs, something that was impossible without it.

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