Signal Fabric—An AI-assisted Platform for Knowledge Discovery in Dynamic System

Souren Aghajanyan, Roman Batoukov, and Jian Zhang, Microsoft


Cloud service system management can be challenging and costly because of its volume of components to monitor, dynamic traffic patterns, and velocity required to support mission-critical applications. In this talk, we’ll introduce Signal Fabric, an AI-assisted system intelligence platform for knowledge discovery in fast-changing environments. It has the capability of building dynamic ontology out of federated data sources. Signal Fabric utilizes composable micro-agent framework to continuously observe and learn topological relationship from signals/metrics in the system. It then leverages the captured knowledge to identify the right subset of signals to facilitate decision making.

Signal Fabric has been used to monitor billions of Windows devices and now is part of Azure observability platform.

Souren Aghajanyan, Microsoft

Souren Aghajanyan is a Group Engineering Manager in Azure PIE (Production Infrastructure Engineering) team working on the next generation observability platform for Microsoft. Prior to that, he was a founding member of Asimov and Xpert, a telemetry system that monitors the Windows ecosystem from devices to services. He worked from Windows to Xbox and on some interesting incubation efforts.

Roman Batoukov, Microsoft

Roman Batoukov is an AI/ML Engineering Manager in Azure PIE (Production Infrastructure Engineering) team working on the next generation of Azure observability platform for Microsoft. His previous experience includes telemetry pipelines (Asimov – Windows and Xbox), internet scale services and AI-assisted monitoring solutions.

Jian Zhang, Microsoft

Jian Zhang is a program manager at Microsoft. She received her Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering and M.S. in Management and Finance from the University of Florida. She is experienced in turning advanced technologies from research into products and services such as Azure, Office Online, and Microsoft Store Online. She holds Data Mining and Application Graduate Certificate from Stanford University, IoT Business and Application Certificate from MIT, and is a certified PMP (Program Management Professional).

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