TopoOpt: Co-optimizing Network Topology and Parallelization Strategy for Distributed Training Jobs


Weiyang Wang, Moein Khazraee, Zhizhen Zhong, and Manya Ghobadi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Zhihao Jia, Meta and CMU; Dheevatsa Mudigere and Ying Zhang, Meta; Anthony Kewitsch, Telescent


We propose TopoOpt, a novel direct-connect fabric for deep neural network (DNN) training workloads. TopoOpt co-optimizes the distributed training process across three dimensions: computation, communication, and network topology. We demonstrate the mutability of AllReduce traffic, and leverage this property to construct efficient network topologies for DNN training jobs. TopoOpt then uses an alternating optimization technique and a group theory-inspired algorithm called TotientPerms to find the best network topology and routing plan, together with a parallelization strategy. We build a fully functional 12-node direct-connect prototype with remote direct memory access (RDMA) forwarding at 100 Gbps. Large-scale simulations on real distributed training models show that, compared to similar-cost Fat-Tree interconnects, TopoOpt reduces DNN training time by up to 3.4x.

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