RF-Chord: Towards Deployable RFID Localization System for Logistic Networks


Bo Liang, Peking University and Alibaba Group; Purui Wang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Renjie Zhao, University of California San Diego; Heyu Guo, Peking University; Pengyu Zhang and Junchen Guo, Alibaba Group; Shunmin Zhu, Tsinghua University and Alibaba Group; Hongqiang Harry Liu, Alibaba Group; Xinyu Zhang, University of California San Diego; Chenren Xu, Peking University, Zhongguancun Laboratory, and Key Laboratory of High Confidence Software Technologies, Ministry of Education (PKU)


RFID localization is considered the key enabler of automating the process of inventory tracking and management for the high-performance logistic network. A practical and deployable RFID localization system needs to meet reliability, throughput, and range requirements. This paper presents RF-CHORD, the first RFID localization system that simultaneously meets all three requirements. RF-CHORD features a multisine-constructed wideband design that can process RF signals with a 200 MHz bandwidth in real-time to facilitate one-shot localization at scale. In addition, multiple SINR enhancement techniques are designed for range extension. On top of that, a kernel-layer near-field localization framework and a multipath-suppression algorithm are proposed to reduce the 99th long-tail errors. Our empirical results show that RF-CHORD can localize up to 180 tags 6 m away from a reader within 1 second and with 99th longtail error of 0.786 m, achieving a 0% miss reading rate and ~0.01% cross-reading rate in the warehouse and fresh food delivery store deployment.

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