Are you new to NSDI? Are you a networking expert but feel bewildered when talk turns to security? Are you interested in engaging more deeply with paper presentations outside your research area? Join us for the NSDI preview session, where area experts will give short introductions to the Symposium's major technical sessions.

  • Network Stacks, RMDA, and Protocols: Brent Stephens, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Datacenter Network Architectures: Prateesh Goyal, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • OS, Storage, and Hardware: Amy Ousterhout, University of California, Berkeley
  • Monitoring and Diagnosis: Behnaz Arzani, Microsoft Research
  • Network Characterization and Measurement: Robert Beverly, Naval Postgraduate School
  • Security: Raluca Ada Popa, University of California, Berkeley

NSDI '20 Open Access Sponsored by NetApp

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