Government Interaction Roundtable

Monday, December 5, 2016 - 9:00am–12:30pm

Branson Matheson, Cisco Systems, Inc.


This workshop is a result of many requests for more discussion on the topic of interaction between the many governments, their agencies and institutions; with Information Technology professionals. Our objective would be to get several professionals from government agencies (both US and otherwise if possible ) to join workshop participants to present their perspective and ideas on how to resolve some of the problems that occur during these events. The workshop will be in a roundtable format where we will solicit discussion points from all the attendees and then delve into them with the parties involved. With all the publicity that has occurred, both positive and negative, around recent interactions, the hope is that this workshop will develop useful and relevant guidance for admins to be able to handle these interactions properly.

Branson Matheson, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Branson is a 29-year veteran of system architecture, administration, and security. He started as a cryptologist for the US Navy and has since worked on NASA shuttle and aerospace projects, TSA security and monitoring systems, secure mobile communications, and Internet search engines. He has also run his own company while continuing to support many open source projects. Branson speaks to and trains sysadmins and security personnel world wide; and he is currently a senior technical lead for Cisco Cloud Services. Branson has several credentials; and generally likes to spend time responding to the statement "I bet you can't...."

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