Interfacing with a Low Power IoT

Back Bay Ballroom D (LISA Lab)

Full Day
9:00 am5:00 pm
LISA16: Engineering

In this hands-on-hardware workshop, we explore the boundaries of traditional systems and where they converge with networks of billions of embedded devices. Starting with the theory of the Internet of Things, related data transports, and common protocols, we create embedded systems using a set of loaned hardware. Focusing on 802.3, 802.11, and Bluetooth Smart transports, we implement our own IoT edge routers serving our own network of sensor and actuator embedded computers. We will implement a simple messaging application using MQTT or AMQP, and round out the training by integrating our piecemeal solutions into a full fledged IoT system.

Who should attend: 

Intermediate hardware or network engineers benefit most from this workshop.

Take back to work: 

Attendees take to their work a broad understanding of what will power the next generation of embedded devices and how they interface with traditional large Internet systems.

Topics include: 

Device classes

  • Whirlwind tour of hardware
  • Vendor market trends
  • Small manufacturing


  • Copper 802.3
  • Wireless 802.11
  • Bluetooth 1-3
  • Bluetooth Smart
  • Zigbee and ANT+
  • Z-Wave
  • 6LoWPAN
  • LoRa and SigFox


  • Legacy
  • MQTT
  • AMQP
  • CoAP
  • ZeroMQ
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