Professional Conduct and Ethics for System Administrators

Gardner Room

Half Day Morning
9:00 am12:30 pm
LISA16: Culture

This introductory tutorial will start by examining some of the ethical responsibilities that come along with access to other users' data, accounts, and confidential information. We will look at several case studies involving both local and cloud usage. All attendees are strongly encouraged to participate in the discussion. Numerous viewpoints will be considered in order to give students a perspective from which to develop their own reasoned response to ethical challenges.

Who should attend: 

Anyone who is a system administrator or has access to personal/confidential information, or anyone who manages system administrators or makes policy decisions about computer systems and their users. There are no prerequisites for this class.

Take back to work: 

After completing this tutorial you will be better prepared and able to resolve ethically questionable situations and will have the means to support your decisions.

Topics include: 
  • Why it is important to set your ethical standards before it comes up
  • Who is impacted by "expectations of ethical conduct"
  • Why this isn't just an expectation of system administrators
  • Implicit expectations of ethical behavior
  • Ethics and The Cloud
  • Coercion to violate ethics
  • Well-intentioned violations of privacy
  • Collection, retention, and protection of personal data
  • Management directives vs. friendships
  • Software piracy/copying in a company, group, or department
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