Living in a Post-Post-Mortem World: Techniques for Incident Analysis

Thursday, December 8, 2016 - 2:00pm3:30pm

Connie-Lynne Villani, Grilled Cheese Invitational


Post-mortems are a great start to incident analysis, but are they always necessary? How do you sift through the information to produce a good incident report that people will actually read and act on? Do you even need to produce an incident report, or can you just make a fix and get on with life? What are you forgetting to include, and what are you including that isn’t necessary?

This mini-tutorial will help you answer these questions, with an emphasis on:

  • How to prepare for incident analysis before anything goes wrong
  • Learning from systemic failure
  • Anatomy of a good written incident analysis
  • The myth of root cause analysis
  • Conducting an incident review meeting
  • Studying both "what went wrong" and "what went right"
  • Developing a culture of responsibility without blame

Who should attend:
Sysadmins whose job focus is site or application stability, or anyone who's ever had to explain "what went wrong."

Take back to work:
After this tutorial, attendees will take with them:

  • Real-world examples of good incident reviews
  • Templates for lightweight and in-depth incident analysis
  • Patterns and anti-patterns for post-event retrospectives
  • Techniques for holding civil discussions about failure and improvement
  • Techniques for improving system reliability by learning from success

Topics include:

  • Incident and root cause analysis
  • Technical writing
  • Agile retrospectives
  • Failure recovery
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Event response

Connie-Lynne Villani, Grilled Cheese Invitational

With degrees in both Electrical Engineering and Theater Management, Connie-Lynne brings 20 years of System Engineering experience to the table, as well as a keen understanding of how to handle drama in the workplace. In addition to founding and managing Groupon's first SRE team, Connie-Lynne has worked at Linden Lab,, and Caltech, but admits that her most fun position is serving as a board member for the Grilled Cheese Invitational, an annual food festival celebrating all things cheesy.

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