Writing (Micro)Services with Flask

Thursday, December 8, 2016 - 2:00pm5:30pm

Chris St. Pierre, Cisco Systems, Inc.


Flask is a Python web microframework whose efficient, streamlined feature set makes it an excellent fit for writing microservices that provide a friendly, immanently usable interface to systems management functions.

In this hands-on, interactive tutorial we will write a real, actual RESTful service to retrieve iostat(1) data from the server. Participants will be supplied with skeleton code and unit and functional tests, and will be walked through the process of writing the application to satisfy the tests in a TDD manner.

Participants must bring their own device capable of running Python, and should have at least basic familiarity with Python and RESTful services.

Who should attend:
Sysadmins interested in providing an internet-accessible, automatable interface to complex (or simple) systems management functions.

Take back to work:
The knowledge and demonstrated ability to write RESTful services in Flask.

Topics include:
Basic retrieval and mutation requests, asynchronous processing, database interface, and tracking state

Chris St. Pierre, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Chris St. Pierre is currently serving the thirteenth year of a life sentence to hard labor at the command line. He works as an OpenStack engineer at Cisco and is a core contributor to Rally, the OpenStack benchmarking tool.

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