The 90-Minute Cassandra DBA

Thursday, December 8, 2016 - 2:00pm3:30pm

Chris McEniry, Sony Interactive Entertainment


The last decade has seen a rise of alternatives to the traditional relational database systems with a focus on distributed systems that perform at high speed and scale. Cassandra is one of the leading contenders in this space. Cassandra has shown to be reliable, linearly scalable, distributable using commodity compute and storage resources. These properties have brought demand for its use in mission critical applications especially in high volume distributed applications, such as those seen at "web scale" and with IoT. This mini-tutorial provides a simple introduction to Cassandra for those who have been tapped to support it or want an understanding of the common concepts of this generation of databases.

Who should attend:
SysAdmins interested in or volunteered for administering Cassandra

Take back to work:
Basic understanding of how Cassandra runs and how to support it

Topics include:
Basic Running, Data Modeling, Partitioning, Patterns, Monitoring, Clients

Chris McEniry, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Chris "Mac" McEniry is a practicing sysadmin and architect responsible for running a large E-commerce and gaming service. He's been working and developing in an operational capacity for 15+ years. In his free time, he builds tools and thinks about efficiency.

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