TTL of a Penetration

Thursday, December 8, 2016 - 11:00am11:45am

Branson Matheson, Cisco Systems, Inc.


In the world of information security, it's not a matter of how’s a matter of when. With the advent of penetration tools such as Metaspolit, AutoPwn, etc.—plus the day-to-day use of insecure operating systems, applications, and Web sites—reactive systems have become more important than proactive systems. Discovery of penetration by out-of-band processes and being able to determine the when and how to then mitigate the particular attack has become a stronger requirement than active defense. I will discuss the basic precepts of this idea and expand with various types of tools that help resolve the issue. Attendees should be able to walk away from this discussion and apply the knowledge immediately within their environment.

Branson Matheson, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Branson is a 29-year veteran of system architecture, administration, and security. He started as a cryptologist for the US Navy and has since worked on NASA shuttle and aerospace projects, TSA security and monitoring systems, secure mobile communications, and Internet search engines. He has also run his own company while continuing to support many open source projects. Branson speaks to and trains sysadmins and security personnel world wide; and he is currently a senior technical lead for Cisco Cloud Services. Branson has several credentials; and generally likes to spend time responding to the statement "I bet you can't...."

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