Quick Start to Pacemaker HA

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 - 2:00pm3:30pm

Mike Diehn


Want to get started with a Pacemaker HA cluster? In Linux? Here you go.

I'll guide you through the debris field of Google hits on the topic and teach you what pieces you need, how they fit together and where not to step to avoid falling into the quicksand.

Who should attend:
People who are sick of having heavily used app servers offline while they rush around getting them or their back-end systems working again.

Take back to work:

  • Where to find documentation on Pacemaker.
  • An example architecture for an haproxy, tomcat, postgresql high-availability cluster they can expand or modify.
  • Files of example commands used to create that cluster.
  • The confidence that Pacemaker can help them!

Topics include:

  • Pacemaker HA
  • Tomcat installation and config basics
  • Postgresql basics, including simple installation and config for replication
  • HAProxy basics

Mike Diehn

Mr. Diehn works for software development companies building and running the various systems that the devs use to do their work. Most of his time these days he spends on CentOS Linux systems running Atlassian systems. He also serves as the resident regexp and shell guru and helps with the dishes from time to time (DNS, DHCP, blah, blah). If you want to talk about poultry, fishing, male children, dogs, science fiction, the US Navy, brilliant wives, living in New Hampshire or other such stuff, well, he can talk about that, too.

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