How to Virtualize the End-User's Desktop (or How to Play More Warcraft/Halo during the Day)

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 - 11:00am12:30pm

Linus Bourque


The desktop has evolved over the years since its first introduction in 1975. And over the years, the management of the desktop and meeting end-user expectations was a challenge for many IT administrators. In this full day class we will look at the evolution of the desktop and where the future of it will be (will it even be a desktop?). We will discuss the concept of a use case and what it involves and then, we will look at one method of managing desktops (from small to large scale) through the use of Horizon 7, AppVolumes, and User Environment Manager based on use cases.

We will discuss the need to decouple the user from the desktop and that IT management will change from desktop to user identity. And managing that can be far easier than what traditional desktop management includes. Finally, we'll look at how mobility and the importance of using an MDM (Mobile Device Management) rounds out desktop management.

Who should attend:
Sysadmins, security admins, network admins, and desktop/Windows admins.

Take back to work:

  • Understand the future of desktop
  • Understand how to decouple the user from the desktop
  • Learn how Horizon is used to achieve this
  • Learn how to provision a pool of desktops
  • Learn different methods of application provisioning (no one size fits all!)
  • Determine what use cases are and how to apply them in organizational environments
  • Understand the difference between broker and broker-less desktop management

Topics include:

  • History of the desktop
  • How to install and configure a Horizon broker
  • How to create AppStacks using App Volumes
  • How to separate the user identity from the Windows environment
  • Pool provisioning using full clones, linked clones and instant clones
  • Understand the difference between stateful and stateless desktop assignment and why stateless is preferred

Linus Bourque, VMware

Linus Bourque is currently a Principal Instructor at VMware and has been part of the VMware family for nearly 11 years. As part of the Americas Education Tech Lead team, he has been the lead instructor for a variety of End-User Computing courses over the last five years (covering topics such as Horizon with View; Mirage; ThinApp; AppVolumes; User Environment Manager). More recently, he is the co-lead of the SDDC-Security. In addition, he has also been involved in the creation of various Desktop and Mobility certifications including the VCP, VCAP/VCIX, and VCDX. Linus also wrote the 1st Edition of the VMware Press Official VCP-DT Study Guide.

Linus currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife; their pug, Lafawda; and their two cats, Georgie and Gupta. When not teaching, he continues to explore Southern California with Lafawnda in tow in search of a good cigar.

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