DeclStore: Layering Is for the Faint of Heart


Noah Watkins, Michael A. Sevilla, Ivo Jimenez, Kathryn Dahlgren, Peter Alvaro, Shel Finkelstein, and Carlos Maltzahn, UC Santa Cruz


Popular storage systems support diverse storage abstractions by providing important disaggregation benefits. Instead of maintaining a separate system for each abstraction, unified storage systems, in particular, support standard file, block, and object abstractions so the same hardware can be used for a wider range and a more flexible mix of applications. As large-scale unified storage systems continue to evolve to meet the requirements of an increasingly diverse set of applications and next-generation hardware, de jure approaches of the past—based on standardized interfaces—are giving way to domain-specific interfaces and optimizations. While promising, the ad-hoc strategies characteristic of current approaches to co-design are untenable.

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