Lightweight KV-based Distributed Store for Datacenters


Chanwoo Chung, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Jinhyung Koo, Inha University; Arvind, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Sungjin Lee, Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology


A great deal of digital data is generated every day by content providers, end-users, and even IoT sensors. This data is stored in and managed by thousands of distributed storage nodes, each comprised of a power-hungry x86 Xeon server with a huge amount of DRAM and an array of HDDs or SSDs grouped by RAID. Such clusters take up a large amount of space in datacenters and require a lot of electricity and cooling facilities. Therefore, packing as much data as possible into a smaller datacenter space and managing it in an energy- and performance-efficient manner can result in enormous savings.

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