Talk 2

Vasudevan Nagendra, Stony Brook University


In this talk, I will cover two fundamental challenges the existing IoT infrastructures face today: (i) inability of existing automation frameworks to intuitively capture the automation or policy intents of the users, and (ii) inability of existing tools (that detects static conflicts among automation rules) to proactively detect potential run-time conflicts and violations during policy compilation stage itself. In the first part of the talk, I will discuss the need for novel graph-based automation specification mechanisms. In the second part, I will discuss about the limitations of existing security analyzer tools and demonstrate the need for new security analysis mechanisms such as: (i) ability to detect potential run-time violation (i.e., during policy compile time), (ii) need for behavioral analysis and situational awareness, and (iii) other analyzers that could proactively detect the fundamental issues in the automation. In this talk, I will briefly cover the potential approaches that could be taken to handle the current situation.

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