Netflix: Streaming Entertainment to 200 Million Members Around the World

Jonathan Looney, Netflix


Netflix has built a content delivery network (CDN), called Open Connect, to stream video to its customers around the world. Open Connect Appliances (or, simply, OCAs) are the content caches that serve this data to Netflix subscribers. In some ways, the work which the OCAs perform is fairly normal for a web server. However, Netflix engineers have spent years refining the OCAs to perform this work very efficiently. Through a combination of hardware and software engineering, Netflix is able to deliver very high volumes of data from a relatively modest fleet of servers, achieving industry-leading efficiency in content delivery of streaming video.

In this presentation, Jonathan Looney will describe some of the optimizations which Netflix has deployed to allow the OCAs to deliver data very efficiently.

Jonathan Looney, Netflix

Jonathan Looney manages a development team at Netflix responsible for developing and maintaining the operating system which runs on the Open Connect Appliances. Prior to joining Netflix, Jonathan worked for Juniper Networks. He is also a FreeBSD committer active in the transport protocols area.

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