A Study of SSD Reliability in Large Scale Enterprise Storage Deployments


Stathis Maneas and Kaveh Mahdaviani, University of Toronto; Tim Emami, NetApp; Bianca Schroeder, University of Toronto
Awarded Best Paper!


This paper presents the first large-scale field study of NAND-based SSDs in enterprise storage systems (in contrast to drives in distributed data center storage systems). The study is based on a very comprehensive set of field data, covering 1.4 million SSDs of a major storage vendor (NetApp). The drives comprise three different manufacturers, 18 different models, 12 different capacities, and all major flash technologies (SLC, cMLC, eMLC, 3D-TLC). The data allows us to study a large number of factors that were not studied in previous works, including the effect of firmware versions, the reliability of TLC NAND, and correlations between drives within a RAID system. This paper presents our analysis, along with a number of practical implications derived from it.

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