Technology Abuse Clinics for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

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Tuesday, January 24, 2023 - 11:00 am11:30 am

Lana Ramjit, Cornell Tech


Perpetrators of intimate partner violence (IPV) use digital technologies to cause lasting physical, and financial, and psychological harm. Advocates and scholars have established the prevalence of technology abuse, but IPV agencies often lack the capacity, training and resources needed to recognize and respond to technology abuse.

The Clinic to End Tech Abuse (CETA) and the Technology Enabled Coercive Control Initiative (TECCI) are services that partner with IPV agencies to offer free, consultative services to survivors of IPV who are experiencing tech abuse. Collectively, they have served nearly 700 survivors in the New York City and Seattle areas by identifying points of compromise on their devices and developing technology-specific safety plans. However, both clinics have struggled to keep pace with demands for their services.

In this talk, we present a vision for how a network of localized, community-based technology abuse clinics might be able to meet the challenges of scale. We also share our new toolkit, a resource based on our collected experiences which we intend as a guide for other stakeholders interested in creating and sustaining their own technology abuse clinics.

Lana Ramjit, Cornell Tech

Lana Ramjit is a Computing Innovations Postdoctoral Fellow at Cornell Tech. She serves as the Director of Operations for the Clinic to End Tech Abuse (CETA), a program which provides free consultative services to survivors of intimate partner violence experiencing technology-facilitated abuse. At CETA, she oversees the partnerships, volunteers, policy initiatives, and resource development, in addition to providing direct advocacy support for survivors. She earned her PhD in Computer Science from UCLA in 2021 and prior to that, a BA in Computer Science from Columbia University.

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