LISA: A Practical Zero Trust Architecture

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 - 4:30 pm5:00 pm

Bryan Zimmer, Senior Security Engineer


Many companies treat their buildings as trusted locations, granting devices on their office networks access to sensitive resources. This often renders logical security controls only as effective as the company's ability to prevent tailgating into the building. Zero Trust networks address this issue, with the most well-known being Google’s BeyondCorp. We'll review the Location Independent Security Approach (LISA), a Zero Trust architecture pioneered at Netflix. It removes trust of the office network, replaces it with trust of authenticated users and healthy devices, and is simple enough that many companies can implement it. High level implementation steps will be provided so attendees can evaluate and plan similar programs in their own organizations.

Bryan Zimmer, Senior Security Engineer

Bryan is a senior security engineer. He previously worked in the federal, finance, and education sectors. He writes short, to-the-point bios, despises superfluous multisyllabic words, and enjoys dry humor.

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