Compliance != Security (Except When It Might Be)

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 - 4:00 pm–4:30 pm

Rob Clark, Cloud Security Leader at IBM


What do all cloud compromises (probably) have in common? They took place in SOC2 data-centres and on ISO27k systems and security management—we all know that Compliant != Secure. So why at IBM did we completely restructure our approach to security and model the way we do business around two sets of NIST guidance!?

In this talk I will describe how we built a security team to support the DevSecOps approach to secure development, decreased complexity in our cloud deployments, and drove security feature functionality in to platform offerings. We built a security organisation that aligned to NIST 800-53 revision 5 (draft) guidance and measured itself using the NIST Cyber Security Framework. We made individuals personally responsible for understanding how particular controls are met across the entire cloud (200+ services and acquisitions, 53 data centres) and more importantly; devising how these controls can be measured.

Robert Clark, Cloud Security Leader at IBM

Rob Clark is a Distinguished Engineer at IBM where he is the CTO for cloud infrastructure security and responsible for the overall security posture of the IBM Cloud. Rob has a passion for building teams and solving hard problems. Rob is a keen contributor to Open Source software, having previously lead the OpenStack security project, which won the Linux Foundation's Core Infrastructure award for best practices around Security, Quality and Stability.

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