Dolla Dolla Bill Y'all: Cybercrime Cashouts

Monday, January 25, 2016 - 11:30am12:00pm

Benjamin Brown, Akamai Technologies


The hardest part of cybercrime is the cashout. The strategy for cashing out needs to be easy enough to make it worth your while and safe enough to stay out of the klink. With more and more focus on identifying and stopping credit card fraud, cybercrooks are diversifying their methods for cashing out. While criminals can, and do, sell whole and bundled online retailer accounts, credit card data, and fullz, I want us to look at how they get their grubby paws on that cold hard cash. Let's dig into the tools, techniques, and procedures used by this new generation of e-launderers and cyber hustlers.

Understanding the lifecycle of a financially motivated cybercrime is an important part of successfully and efficiently defending against them. When we have insight into the tools, techniques, procedures, motivations, methods, and ecosystems driving these attacks, we are afforded the opportunity to build defense in depth that specifically targets the weaknesses and load-bearing assumptions of the attackers. This talk is not a general hand-waving at the topic of "cybercrime," but instead an in-depth exposition showing currently active tools and methods, non-public case study information, and defense tactics that are actively and successfully being employed right now.

Benjamin Brown, Akamai Technologies

Benjamin Brown currently works on darknet research, threat intelligence, incident response, adversarial resilience, and systems architecture safety review at Akamai Technologies. He has experience in the non-profit, academic, and corporate worlds as well as degrees in both Anthropology and International Studies. Research interests include darknet and deepweb ethnographic studies, novel and side-channel attack vectors, radio systems, the psychology and anthropology of information security, and thinking about security as an ecology of complex systems.

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