EnvPipe: Performance-preserving DNN Training Framework for Saving Energy


Sangjin Choi and Inhoe Koo, KAIST; Jeongseob Ahn, Ajou University; Myeongjae Jeon, UNIST; Youngjin Kwon, KAIST


Energy saving is a crucial mission for data center providers. Among many services, DNN training and inference are significant contributors to energy consumption. This work focuses on saving energy in multi-GPU DNN training. Typically, energy savings come at the cost of some degree of performance degradation. However, determining the acceptable level of performance degradation for a long-running training job can be difficult.

This work proposes ENVPIPE, an energy-saving DNN training framework. ENVPIPE aims to maximize energy saving while maintaining negligible performance slowdown. ENVPIPE takes advantage of slack time created by bubbles in pipeline parallelism. It schedules pipeline units to place bubbles after pipeline units as frequently as possible and then stretches the execution time of pipeline units by lowering the SM frequency. During this process, ENVPIPE does not modify hyperparameters or pipeline dependencies, preserving the original accuracy of the training task. It selectively lowers the SM frequency of pipeline units to avoid performance degradation. We implement ENVPIPE as a library using PyTorch and demonstrate that it can save up to 25.2% energy in single-node training with 4 GPUs and 28.4% in multi-node training with 16 GPUs, while keeping performance degradation to less than 1%.

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