Zico: Efficient GPU Memory Sharing for Concurrent DNN Training


Gangmuk Lim, UNIST; Jeongseob Ahn, Ajou University; Wencong Xiao, Alibaba Group; Youngjin Kwon, KAIST; Myeongjae Jeon, UNIST


GPUs are the workhorse in modern server infrastructure fueling advances in a number of compute-intensive workloads such as deep neural network (DNN) training. Several recent works propose solutions on sharing GPU resources across multiple concurrent DNN training jobs, but none of them address rapidly increasing memory footprint introduced by such job co-locations, which greatly limit the effectiveness of sharing GPU resources. In this paper, we present Zico, the first DNN system that aims at reducing the system-wide memory consumption for concurrent training. Zico keeps track of the memory usage pattern of individual training job by monitoring its progress on GPU computations and makes memory reclaimed from the job globally sharable. Based on this memory management scheme, Zico automatically decides a strategy to share memory among concurrent jobs with minimum delay on training while not exceeding a given memory budget such as GPU memory capacity. Our evaluation shows that Zico outperforms existing GPU sharing approaches and delivers benefits over a variety of job co-location scenarios.

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